Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club (previously known as Students in Free Enterprise or Entrepreneurially Talented Teen Project) is a group of student who are interested in learning more about starting their own business.

Below are some of the statements that students and Entrepreneurs or Business Leaders have made in the past about our programs:

What you do for these kids and their development is fantastic.  Keep up the great work.
Thomas N. Dondore, SPHR, Securus HR Solutions

I got back in the office from being on the road and received the wonderful packet of notes from the ETTC Teens. What a lift to my day. Thank YOU! As a businessman, resident of Central PA and most importantly, a father of 3 boys (16, 14, and 10), I want you to know how much I appreciate all you’re doing to help prepare our children for the cities, states, country and world they’ll inherit.
Your passion and enthusiasm are truly infectious!
Thanks again,

Dan Vucovitch, Hershey Corporation

I was totally impressed with the students you had at your Entrepreneurially Talented Teen Camp.  They were extremely polite, attentive and asked intelligent questions.
Steve Bobick, founder of Utilitech

(If you don't have time to watch the 3 minute video, the statements the kids make are written here - but it's best to hear it direct from their mouths)

The activities were great, the food was amazing. This was the best top weekend I’ve had all year.
Eric Hauk

I went to the ETTC and I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work cause it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go again next year.
Carly Gieringer

The speakers were really inspirational. It’s amazing how young some of them were when they they started off.
Karly Hess.

I really enjoyed that this camp provided me with skills that will not only help me in my career as a business person, but will also help me throughout my life.
Kristen Wade

What I really liked about this camp is the amount of teamwork you get and the amount of opportunities you are open to with all the different panels and networking you do afterwards by asking questions and you really learn how to be an entrepreneur and start your own business.
Moryn Hagee

I learned a lot about how to start a small business, I got to listen to some business owners which was really helpful.
Brandon Lans

We learned how to work as a team. It’s so much more fun cooperating with a bunch of people to get things done, it gives you a sense of satisfaction getting things done together.
Kiana Baldwin

Here the business people actually came and talked to us because they were in our shoes and they showed us us that we could do it just as well as they did. I enjoyed the project that we did making our own product.
Donasia Colon

You get to meet many new people, and also you get to learn a lot about entrepreneurship and what you want to do and become, and you get to meet a lot of entrepreneurs. I think this is great, and it was also a great opportunity. The obstacle courses were fun and the activities.
Jessica Brand

They had very successful entrepreneur’s here that gave me tips that I might pursue my career in business or any other of my skills in life.
Randy Colon

I got to meet actual successful entrepreneurs, and also I learned that if you have potential and drive, you can accomplish anything – accomplish your dreams and goals.
Ashley Riveria

I enjoyed the games, and learning from these small business owners and advisors – they were great. I will take their advice to start my own business and become an entrepreneur myself when I get older. This has been a great experience.
Jose Ortiz


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